Blogging from Brazil


Greetings from Brazil! I have now been on the Amseterdam for 11 days on the World Cruise. After a couple stops in the Caribbean and two stops in Brazil, we are on our way to Rio de Janeiro, for which I am very excited.

One of the highlights of this cruise so far was an Amzon river and jungle crew tour I went on in Belem, Brazil. Though brief, it offered a glimpse into the lushness and diversity of the Amazon. I especially enjoyed sampling some exotic fruits (Luckily, I did not get sick from this fruit like a couple crew mmbers did…). Another highlight was watching an 80 year old native man quickly scale a 70 foot tree.

On the music side of things, I am enjoying playing with an excellent band, of which 5 of the 6 memebers have returned from the 2011 word cruise. We had the fortune last week of playing with the very talented Melissa Manchester. She is still a great singer and a vvery talented musician and comopser, in addition to being a ver nice woman. Tomorrow, Doc Severinsen and his band, the San Miguel Five, will be performing on the ship. I am excited to watch their show tomorrow.

On the personal side, I am very much enjoyimg my time on the ship with many friends from past contracts. I am working diligently on my Spanish skills and arranging some tunes for a friend’s upcoming CD in my free time.

As always, thank you for reading and best wishes.